Camden Haven Tanks

4 Flinders Drive
Laurieton NSW 2443
Factory Phone/Fax : 02 6585 7170
ABN 92 536 936 872

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Round tank
Round Tank Prices from $496 incl GST

slimline tank
Slimline Tank Prices from $606 incl GST


Our tanks are manufactured using Bluescope Aquaplate®/ Colorbond® and Colorbond® products with matching Colorbond® tops and double-sided Aquaplate® bottoms to prevent corrosion. Tank bodies are machine riveted using the Henrob® patented system for strength and a smooth finish

We offer two shapes.

  1. Round tanks from 450 litres to 22,000 litres,
  2. Slimline tanks from 450 litres to 8,825 litres, ideal for restricted areas. These tanks are stabilized by stainless steel through bolts and dome nuts.  

You can choose between a Colorbond® and a galvanised finish.

All tanks carry a 20 year Bluescope Steel warranty and comply with Local Government requirements for new and renovated buildings. Local Government subsidies may be available.

Aquaplate has a food grade polymer skin bonded to its inner surface which ensures that water tastes clean and fresh. All Bluescope Steel products meet the Australian Standard for products for use in contact with drinking water.

riveting tanks at the factory