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Ezi-Bed slimline gardens to suit every size and space
Slimline EZI-BEDS from $95 incl GST

Ezi-Bed round gardens to suit every space
Round EZI-BEDS from $90 plus GST

Slimline EZ_BED gardens
EZI-BED slimline gardens are ideal for narrow spaces along fences

EZI_BED gardens come in a variety of shapes and sizes

crescent shaped garden beds
Ask us about a shape to suit your space


We offer a wide range of EZI-BED garden retainers.  They are made from Bluescope Aquaplate®/ Colorbond® steel in both slimline & round shapes and are available in paperbark or galvanised colors.

All EZI-BEDS have a polyethylene edging placed on the top to protect the gardener.

Slimlines are fitted with supporting stainless rods and sizes range from:

- from 500mm to 1200mm wide
- from 800mm to 3000mm long
- rom 400mm to 800mm high
Priced from $95 incl GST to $550 incl GST

Round sizes range:

- from 900mm to2000mm diameter
- from 400mm to 800mm high
Priced from $65 incl GST to $385 incl GST

Triangular beds range in price from $165 incl GST to $340 incl GST.

Current prices may be subject to change after a period of time.

Special sizes can be manufactured if required. Ask us for a quote.

EZI-BEDS are expected to last for many years when in contact with soil, as Aquaplate is manufactured with a 20 year warranty for water tanks. It should outlast ordinary galvanised iron. 


EZI-BEDS are an attractive, alternative DIY raised garden. NO construction is necessary (as is, with sleepers & other types of raised gardens). Place them on the ground (or you may put weed matting, or newspaper underneath),  fill with soil and they are instantly ready for planting.

EZI-BEDS are neat and will fit into restricted areas where you may not be able to have a regular garden.  They are ideal for people living in units or the smaller backyard. The 800mm high EZI-BED saves stooping and is particularly suitable for people with limited mobility or back problems. 

Creating a no-dig garden
EZI-BED gardens are suitable for the NO DIG method of gardening.  For this you will need newspapers, lucerne hay, organic fertilizer (or dry poultry manure) and some mulch hay.  Spread a thick layer of newspaper (overlapping well) to prevent lawn and weeds growing through. Cover this with biscuits of lucerne hay about 5cm thick then sprinkle with a light dusting of fertilizer or chicken manure.  Place a layer of mulch hay approx 20-25cm thick and again sprinkle with fertilizer.  Finally place approx. 7.5 - 10cm deep of good compost on top.

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